Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How Do You Advertise a Museum?

Last week I went to an advertising seminar put on by the Imperial Valley Press. My first thought, when filling out the "Account Profile Questionnaire," was that a museum doesn't sell products so this is not applicable. But when I really looked at the questions I changed my mind. In fact, a museum does "sell" something and they certainly compete for a visitors time and limited resources. If we are going to develop and open a new museum, probably one of the first things we should be able to do is list what sell and what makes us unique. Everyone associated with the museum should try and answer these questions:

Business and Products

1. Exactly what products or services do you sell?

2. What makes your business and products unique or special?

3. Which of your products and services are your target customers mainly buying or about to buy?

4. What's your average sale per customer for these products?

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