Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gift Shop...Minus Gifts

Last weekend we made our second run down to the Mission Valley Borders bookstore to get the store fixtures we had purchased a few weeks ago. Today we put them in place.

The store fixtures fit like they were custom made for the area we have to put them. The picture does not do them justice. We still have lots of work, however, wiring lights and securing the cabinets to the wall. Today was really just a "test" to see if they fit.

What we need now is shop product. The Desert Museum Society has a lot of books in storage at the museum. But Brenda reminded me today that a bookstore is not a gift shop. We put in an order for "logo" gifts today and a couple of weeks ago the Chairman of the Board of Directors bought bags of geology merchandise from  store that was going out of business.

That is a start...books, coffee cups, and rocks. There are only 101 shopping days until Christmas!

Christmas Clock

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