Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Anza Borrego Archaeology Weekend

Hello IVDM Members and Supporters - 

Below is a schedule of events that was passed to us from our Colorado Desert Archaeological Society volunteers. The annual Archaeology Week at Anza Borrego Park is on April 6-7th next month. The Museum will be participating this year assisting with the coiled clay demonstration table and presenting "20 years of Community Stewardship: The Imperial Valley Desert Museum". 

The partnership with the CDAS group provides us with 3-4 curation volunteers twice a month and, along with our core group of 15 local volunteers, has been instrumental in helping us curate over 13,000 artifacts since April 2012. The museum staff is happy to have an opportunity to support their annual event celebrating the history of our local deserts. 

Colorado Desert Archaeology Society
10th Annual Archaeology Weekend
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Visitor Center
Borrego Springs, California
                                                         April 6-7, 2013         
sponsored by the California State Parks, Anza Borrego Foundation and the Colorado Desert Archaeology Society

THEME:  Stewardship . . . Caring for our Cultural Heritage

Saturday, April 6, 2013        


9 - 4:30   Silent Auction at the Begole Archaeological Research Center. Bidding closes 4:30 pm. 
  Winning bids announced 5:00 pm. (Winners need not be present)

10–4:00  Native American Basket and Pottery Display and Demonstrations.  (Craft items for sale)
9:30 - 4   Tours of the Archaeology Lab.
  Groups depart from the Visitor Center front door approximately every half hour.

10 - 4      Pottery Making Demonstration & Kids Activities - Includes clay grinding and paddle & anvil construction
               techniques. By Archaeology Volunteers Carol Black, Astrid Webb and Jessica Brody Imperial Valley Desert  
               Museum.  (Clay will be available for spectator participation)

12-1:00  Walk: Desert Drug Store.  By ABDSP Certified Interpretive Guide, Abby Barker

4- 5:30   Free Ice Cream Social:  Ice cream sundaes and announcement of silent auction winning bids at 5:00.
              Begole Archaeological Research Center, patio area.


10 – 11   The Many Faces of the Colorado Desert Archaeology Society (CDAS) in the Stewardship of Cultural   
              Resources in the California State Park’s Colorado Desert District. Carol Black, Chair CDAS & Site Steward.

11- 12    Toughing It Out at the Bailey:  The History, Conservation, Interpretation, and Continuing                                            Stewardship of the Bailey Earthen Structure.   Alan Schmidt, green builder, CDAS member, Site                                   Steward.

1 – 2      Archaeological Excavations at the Carrizo Stage Station; Uncovering the Heritage of the Southern                 Overland Trail: Stewardship means Understanding and Interpretation.  Sue Wade, Associate State                               Archeologist, Colorado Desert District.

2 – 3      Interpretation and Building the Base for Public Education: Interpretation Plays a Role in                                            Stewardship.  Roger Riolo, Anza Borrego Institute, Principal of InterpTrain, Inc.

3 – 4      Site Stewardship Forum:  Protecting and Preserving Significant Cultural Resources through a Site 
              Stewardship Monitoring Program.  By Archaeologist, Bonnie Bruce - Site Stewardship Coordinator for the   
              Colorado Desert District and a panel of Site Steward Volunteers.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


9 – 12      Native American Basket and Pottery Display and Demonstrations.  (Craft items for sale)

9:30 -12   Tours of the Archaeology Lab.
               Groups depart Visitor Center front door approximately every half hour    

10 - 12     Pottery Making Demonstration - Includes clay grinding and paddle & anvil construction techniques.
               By: Archaeology Volunteer Carol Black.  (Clay will be available for spectator participation)


10-11     Twenty Years of Community Stewardship:  The Imperial Valley Desert Museum.
               Jessica Brody, Assistant Director, Imperial Valley Desert Museum, Ocotillo, California.

11-12      From a Ranger’s Point of View:  Working Together Towards Stewardship of ABDSP Cultural                                      Resources.  Ranger Steve Bier, Colorado Desert District.

Field Trips                                

1- 5:00    Hike to the Carrizo Stage Station: Join State Park Archaeologist, Sue Wade, for an adventurous hike to the site  
               of the historic Carrizo Stage Station, an Isolated Frontier Outpost in the Colorado Desert. Carrizo functioned as a  
               military supply depot and water stop during the mass emigrations and military expeditions of the late 1840s, was  
               the site of the first reliable water stop west of the Colorado River for the First Transcontinental Mail Link (the San  
               Antonio & San Diego Mail) and the Butterfield Mail, and was a supply stop for the California Column during the  
               Civil War, and continued as a way stop for cattle drives into the late nineteenth century.  The site was investigated  
               by California State Parks archaeologists in 2000 and is the subject of the newly published California State Parks  
               Publications in Cultural Heritage, Volume 29. The hikers will be the first visitor group to see the newly placed 
               replication of the stage station adobe walls on the exact footprint of the original station as revealed during the  
               2000 excavations. (2.5 hour interpretive field program)

              For both of these field trips, you can car pool from the back parking lot of the Visitor Center at 1:00 PM or  
               you may meet at the equestrian parking area on Hwy S-2 near mile marker #34 at 2:00 PM.
1- 4:00    Hike to the Bailey Cabin in the Hawi-Vallecito Cultural Preserve: Take a guided stroll back to the romantic,
               but rugged, era of Borrego beginnings. Take away the cows and the cowboys and you have the Vallecito Ranch,  
               as it remains today. This trip will put you in touch with its past. It is a little visited, beautiful piece of recently
               acquired park land with a long history of human habitation.  Your destination is the Olin Bailey Cabin for a close
               up view of unique puddle adobe construction. Mr. Bailey used several different techniques and local materials in
               erecting his sturdy desert home. The three mile round trip takes you through the north eastern portion of the Hawi
               Vallecito Cultural Preserve. Along the way you will pass what was once a productive melon field, some cow bird
               traps, beautiful old mesquite groves, and a lonely standing corral; complete with an intact loading chute. Enjoy the
               sights, sounds, smells, and stories of this place with a magical past with your host and guide CDAS volunteer,
               Alan Schmidt. (2 hour interpretive field program)     
             Pre-registration and $5.00 fee required for both the Carrizo Stage Station & Bailey Cabin field trips.   For detailed  
             information and reservations call ABF at 760/767-4063. During Archaeology Weekend: Check for last-minute field trip
             openings at the ABF table in front of the Visitor's Center.  Wear hiking shoes and bring hat and water.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gourd Art Class

Gourd art made by today's class
Today we had 18 people come to attend a class on making gourd art, taught by the amazing artist Gloria Crane.  Gloria talked about the different ways to use and decorate gourds and then the class got down to business.

Painting gourds and learning to stitch colored string, beads, and silver ornaments into their designs took the class all day, but everyone agreed it was well worth it!

"I learned a lot about art and about myself" one student told Gloria.  Thanks to Museum Board member and volunteer Greg Curran, who set up the event with Gloria, and organized and advertised the class.

Today's artists with their gourds

Gloria Crane is a professional artist who brought several of her pieces as inspiration for the class today. We were lucky enough to have her agree to leave some of her gourds and platters for us to sell on consignment in the Museum gift shop.  

Gloria's consignment pieces

Girl Scout Troop 7949

Today we had six members of Girl Scout Troop 7949 come out to the Museum to help us curate.  They were excited to learn about the behind the scenes aspect of the museum and were working to earn their Bronze badges.  Our wonderful board members and volunteers Rebecca and Steve Apple were on hand to provide an archaeologist's point of view and help explain many of the artifacts.  The girls labeled over 20 boxes of artifacts in just 2 hours.  Everyone found some great artifacts, including projectile points, a 19th century hairbrush, and 19th century ink pots.

The troop also got the chance to see our newest exhibit-in-progress, "Gold Fever" and were thrilled by the chance to check out our miner's shack before the big event opening Saturday, April 27.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Miner's Cabin complete

We completed the construction of the Miner's Cabin, which will be a part of the Gold Fever exhibit that is currently being installed.

The Miner's Cabin will have a hands on component where you can read letters from a New Yorker who came to California in 1848 to seek his didn't work out to well for him.

Thursday, March 14, 2013