Friday, June 26, 2015

Chaos Theroy

Student: I was just listening to a TED talk about time and how the universe starts orderly and then entropy sets in. It said when you watch something in reverse you can immediately tell something is wrong, because things are becoming more organized. Entropy is the natural state of things

Socrates: The key tenant to Western Culture is organization; a constant focus on creating categorization and organization. Trying to control and annotate the natural world is unnatural. Native American Culture is exactly opposite; trying to live in the natural world. If living in the natural world is chaos, then the history of the Western World is about trying to unsuccessfully control chaos. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Artist-In-Residence Project: Jacumba Mosaic Tables

-from the Curator

This week our Artist-in-Residence Lucas Hitch finished a set of 6 picnic table mosaics in Jacumba.  The project was an original design submitted for a $5,000 Community Enhancement Grant funded by the San Diego County Supervisors for the Jacumba-Boulevard Revitalization Alliance.     
Matching finished tiles to designs before instal
Making snakes from scratch 
Mock up of finished table with 'sandy' mosaic background
Lucas's design concept called for all 6 picnic table tops to be covered with a carefully designed mosaic.  Separately, each table will stand alone as art, but taken together they will form one image of three snakes.  "The snakes are not necessarily meant to be photographed and pieced together by the public" Lucas says.  "The art is experienced by looking at the image and seeking out the various tables.  More like a scavenger hunt." 
Original Concept Art of tables & finished tables- Lucas Hitch

Jacumba students sign the finished tiles
Each snake tile was made by museum staff with the help of students in the Jacumba After School program. The junior high students learned all the steps of making mosaic tiles from kneading clay to painting tiles, and participating students wrote their names on tiles that will be included in the tables. "Our names are going to be there forever" one student said "I can't wait to show everyone."
 "They can bring their parents and their friends here and show off their work" said Lucas. "It gives the students and, through them, the community a real sense of ownership in the project.  The impact of this project will last for years to come." 
Jacumba students learn to set tiles on a picnic table

Students from the Jacumba After School program learned about the art of ceramics, the importance of designing and planning ahead of time when building a mosaic, and enjoyed breaking up ceramic tiles that have become the sandy background for the snakes. They even got to learn how to apply grout and lay tiles.  

Lucas Hitch, IVDM Artist-in-Residence
Our Artist-in-Residence program provides outlets and programs directed by local artists for local artists, and has been incredibly successful since its inception in 2012.  The Museum has twice won a Sidney Stern Memorial Trust Grant to support this program and our Director, Neal Hitch presented on the program at the American Alliance of Museum's annual national convention this spring.