Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We are proud to announce that the Imperial Valley Desert Museum has been selected to participate in the Museum Assessment Program (MAP). The MAP, funded by IMLS and coordinated by the American Alliance of Museums, helps small and mid-sized museums strengthen operations, plan for the future and meet national standards through self-study and a site visit from a peer reviewer.

MAP is a self-motivated program and participants invest considerable human and institutional resources into the assessment. This year, the IVDM is one of eighty museums chosen across the country to participate in the 2013 program. Our goals for the program are to gain feed back on our plans for long term collections management and review collections policies and procedures in relation to the national standard. You can learn more about the Museum Assessment Program here: http://www.aam-us.org/resources/assessment-programs/MAP

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Desert Moon Dreams

Ben Benton shares his telescope for a view of the moon.
"The desert under a full moon is just magical, I urge you to make time to experience it," Dennis Mammana shared his passion for our nearest celestial neighbor. After days of clouds and rain, we weren't sure if we'd get to use the telescopes, but when everything cleared it was just beautiful. You can attend more of Dennis workshops by checking out his website here.

We had 82 people attend the event and since we are beginning to start the process of building exhibits, we asked the attendees to fill out some visitor surveys. Thank you to all who filled them out, this one was our favorite:

In response to the question 'where do you find information on museum programs?':
"1st saw it in IV Press. Then went to website. Made phone call & here I am. Love it. Everyone made me feel welcome and a part of the group. Thanks so much."

We love it, because that's the kind of museum we are trying to build.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Palm Grove Hike

Today was the first hike led by the informal hiking club, the Jacumba Hikers. The hikers met at the Museum prior to their departure. Bill led the group to the Mortero Palms. This is a destination that is often talked about, but with the exception of Bill, none of today's hikers had been. 

"I thought the hike was awesome," said Martin Hitch. "This was a very unique spot and not typical of other hikes I have done in the desert."

The hikers also ran in to several other museum friends, who just happened to be hiking out to the Dos Cabezas spring. It was a busy day out in the desert today.