Monday, May 28, 2012

Star Gazing II in the Desert

Stargazing events may become a signature event  at the Desert Museum. The energy developments being built near the museum might effect this, but right now we have pretty dark skys around the museum. On Thursday we hosted the El Centro Rotary Mystery Event. 60 Rotarians got on a bus and drove out to the museum, unbeknownest to them, for a Star Gazing Party and dinner.

On Saturday the museum held its second Star Party for the general public. The IV Press article on Sunday said that 70 people had come out, but the last count taken was 118 people. With the new art exhibit up and more of the building open, the flow of people at this event was much better than last January. There was plenty to do and see. The stars were the best just about the time the event was over and most of the people had left. But we had a few guests who were at the museum from 5:00pm until 10:30pm. That seems extreme, but I would bet those people had the best time.


  1. How did you get that beautiful background in the picture of the museum above?

  2. I wish I knew you were open when my wife and I came to visit Ocotillo last June 2011. Maybe next time.

    Any chance you folks can rescue any desert plants being destroyed by the Not-So-Eco-Green Wind energy Company ? Sad to see such a disaster for your area.

  3. Timeless - I believe the director is working toward having some of the ocotillo replanted onto the museum property.

    Anonymous - Museum magic! Come into the museum and I'd be glad to show you!

    Thanks for your interest and comments - Jessica B, museum staff