Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Coiled Clay Festivals (part 2)

This Saturday an Earth Day Fair was held at the 6th Street Community Garden in El Centro.  We were there with our coiled clay booth and were joined by 47 kids interested in making pots.  We recognized people from the Calexico fair a few weeks ago who wanted to work on their technique and make a new pot because they found such great use for the last one they made.  A lot of adults and high school students were as interested in making pots as their younger siblings and children.  They were interested in learning about the coiled clay method and some of the history behind it and we enjoyed sharing it with them.  Special thanks to our volunteer Tracie for coming out and helping us!

We have one more fair scheduled for the month of April. If you haven't made it to our booth before, or did and want to come back, look for us Saturday, April 26 from 10-4 at the El Centro Children's Fair! We'll have volunteers from the Kohl's Cares program helping us  and would love for you to stop by and say hi!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Exciting meeting today!

Today we had the pleasure of talking with Jim Butts and his sister Merilyn Hammond.  Donors of the Hammond-Butts collection in 2006, today they joined us to talk about some of the artifacts in their collection.

Over the last several months we have been working with Weldon Exhibits on our permanent exhibit and finding out just how much information we don't have about many of the artifacts in our collection.  So many items came to us without any records of where they were found, when they were found, or what the site was like.  These details are always essential for understanding artifacts and the stories they can tell us.  In the last few weeks we have found several original files on one of the ollas we are highlighting in the permanent exhibit and were thrilled to have this talk today.  In the two hours Jim and Merilyn they were able to tell us where over half of the artifacts in their collection came from, reminiscing about when they were young and their parents would take them out hiking and find artifacts.  The information we have been able to add to our records today is invaluable for our collections and our research.

The timing of this visit couldn't have been more perfect, and we were thrilled that they were kind enough to give us their time and attention.  Jim drove out from Salt Lake City for this meeting! We are so happy to have been able to connect with them and can't thank Jim and Merilyn enough for today.  We are so excited that they are happy with what we are doing and the plans we have for the museum.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Coiled Clay Festivals (part 1)

We participated in two big festivals this week: the El Centro Elementary School District Arts Festival and the Calexico Children's Arts Festival.  A total of 169 children participated in our signature coiled clay event at these festivals, learning to make coiled clay pots or working on perfecting techniques they've learned from us at other events.

We would especially like to thank our wonderful volunteers Lauryl and Maria. They answered the call for volunteers and made the Calexico Children's Art Festival much easier and much more fun than last year.

This year we don't have funding for our coiled clay program, which means we can't afford to pay all of our staff to be at these events.  Having volunteers help out not only helps our budget, it makes for a lot of fun too!

If you missed these two events, don't worry! We'll be at two more festivals in April: the El Centro Earth Day Festival Saturday April 12 from 9am-2pm at the 6th Street Community Garden (6th St and Ross) and the El Centro Children's Fair Saturday April 26 from 10am-4pm at Bucklin Park.  Join us for some coiled clay fun!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Coiled Clay at Festivals this April

This April the Imperial Valley Desert Museum will be bringing our signature coiled clay program, where children learn the paddle and anvil method of coiled clay pot making, to five area festivals.  If you and your family are planning on going to any of these festivals, stop by our table and join in the fun!

Tuesday, April 1: El Centro Elementary School District Arts Festival at Wilson Junior High. 4-7pm

Friday, April 4: El Centro Music and Fireworks Festival at Stark Field. 6-10pm

Saturday, April 5: Children's Art Festival in Calexico at the Carmen Durazo Cultural Arts Center. 10am-2pm

Saturday, April 12: Earth Day Festival at 6th Ave. Community Garden, El Centro 9am-2pm

Saturday, April 26: El Centro Children's Fair at Bucklin Park 10am-4pm

Unfortunately, this year the museum has not received a grant to cover our popular coiled clay program.  We are going to have a hard time paying our staff for all of these events and will be relying heavily on volunteers who have done coiled clay with us before.  If your child has made a clay pot with us in the last year, we are reconstituting the clay they used in order to have enough clay (we hope!) to handle the large amount of children we are expecting to visit our booths at these festivals.  If anyone has enjoyed making pots with us and is interested in volunteering at any of these festivals, please email us at ivdmuseum@gmail.com.

Even if you don't plan on making a pot, stop on by and say hi! We'd love to tell you what we're up to and we're very excited to talk about the progress we're making with our permanent exhibit!

We look forward to seeing you at these festivals!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Save the Date! Museum reception in April

Save the date!

You are invited to a reception at the Imperial Valley Desert Museum on Saturday April 19th from 5:30-8pm. We will be unveiling the new designs for the permanent exhibit and screening the brand new documentary "First People Kumeyaay". There will also be a big announcement of some exciting news! Save the date and come celebrate with the museum!
The reception is sponsored, with our thanks, by SDG&E.

Are you signed up for our mailing list? We sent this announcement out to everyone who has signed up to receive emails from us, but many email addresses have bounced back! If you are interested in getting our emails but haven't seen any in your inbox lately, email us at ivdmuseum@gmail.com and ask to be added. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

"Best Family Spot" vote- it's up to you!

We found out yesterday that the Imperial Valley Press has included the Imperial Valley Desert Museum in this year's Readers' Choice votes.  From March 17-23, 2014 place your votes online. We're in the "Best Family Spot" category and very honored to be there!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Ray Wilcox, 1945-2014

The Imperial Valley Desert Museum was saddened to hear today of the passing of Ray Wilcox.  Ray was instrumental in the early development of the IVC Desert Museum as a Site Recorder/Secretary and came back recently to help interns salvage and re-curate artifacts. 

We thank Ray for thinking of the museum when he asked for donations in his name in lieu of flowers. 

1945 - 2014
Ray Wilcox, 68, of El Centro passed away peacefully on Friday, February 21, 2014. He is survived by his loving family: wife Karen, to whom he was married for 44 years; his children: daughter Wendy, son-in-law Daniel; son Jason, daughter-in-law Susan, and granddaughter Merideth.
Ray was born in El Centro to Otis and Willie Ray Wilcox on June 21, 1945. He graduated from Central Union High School in 1964 and then served in the Marine Corps in Vietnam. His career included 20+ years as a truck driver for Valley Transit, then Ryerson and finally Pinner. He always said his favorite job was pumping gas during the lean times.
He returned to IVC where he earned an Associate of Arts degree in Archaeology. He was hired as Secretary/Site Recorder at the Imperial Valley College Desert Museum and delighted in saying, "I love my title as secretary." Ray was a wonderful husband, father and he thoroughly enjoyed the role of grandfather. He was a loyal and loving friend who could be counted on when needed. Ray had a real zest for life and loved to laugh and tease people. We will all miss him and his laughter.
Family and friends will be contacted when plans for a Celebration of Life are finalized.

In lieu of flowers, donations in Ray's memory should be made to: Wounded Warrior Project https://support. woundedwarriorproject.org/default.aspx?tsid=72&campaignSource-WEBSITE&SOURCE=HONOR
or Imperial Valley Desert Museum http://wwwivdesertmuseum.org/

Published in Imperial Valley Press Online on Feb. 28, 2014