Sunday, December 10, 2017

Marriage in a Museum

~ Marcie Landeros Education Coordinator

Faye and Kennedy Winkler
Neal Hitch performs family joining ceremony
On March 7th of 2017, I got the distinct honor of working on a wedding that was held at the museum. This wedding between Faye and Kennedy Winkler was one of the most beautiful weddings I had ever attended. They were married on the museum grounds, in front of a tall green ocotillo that seemed to stretch it's arms to the heavens, as a cool breeze blew across our desert. I was truly inspired, and could not imagine a more beautiful place to have a wedding. I thought to myself, "Should I ever find myself planning a wedding, I would want it to be here, so it could be as beautiful as her's." I was surprised to find, about a month later, my boyfriend kneeling in front of me, a ring in his hand.

Marcie and Cornelio Landeros
I soon found myself planning my own wedding, and I knew exactly where I wanted it to be. We held it in November, the ceremony in the visable storage section of our exhibit, and the reception outside under that beautiful desert sky. The wedding was everything I could have imagined. Our director held the ceremony that not only joined my life with my new husbands, but also my daughter's. Joining in marriage at the Imperial Valley Desert Museum was truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever done.