Friday, August 24, 2012

by Jessica Brody

Following the watercolor workshops that ended our summer youth programming, we've had two hikes into the desert to do plein air painting, one to Devil's canyon and one to Indian Hill.

I have done a watercolor everyday since the workshops ended. My first watercolor of the mountains was very heavily brown, but that was all wrong. If you have ever watched the mountains you know they change color. They can be orange, tan, purple and navy depending on the time of day. I've become obsessed with showing these colors in the paintings. The one posted here is from a very orange time of day at Indian Hill. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Youth Programming Report

The 2012 Summer Youth Programs hosted a total of 97 visits averaging 12 students per week. 

The Ceramic Art program continued for a second summer and attracted 32 participants. This summer we used a whiteware grog, as opposed to the red clay that was used last summer. The white clay eliminated many problems with cleaning the facility, but created new problems of the pots breaking during the firing process. Surviving pieces are currently on display at the museum.
The Karate class, in response to a request for an exercise class by Ocotillo residents, was generously funded by a DOVES grant. The program reached a total of 51 students averaging seven students per session. Through the grant, Gi's were purchased for the first seven students to participate. The gi's, along with the training, provided a sense of self confidence in the youth.  
The museum also piloted a video and technology program geared toward providing 21st century job skills and computer proficiency. The students shot on hand held video cameras and edited the footage into short videos hosted on the IVD Museum YouTube Channel and featured on the video blog. Four students regularly participated in the program and total of five videos were created. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Multiple Projects to Accomplish

by Jessica Brody

In the hot August months we've noticed a considerable drop off in volunteer participation at the museum, but this week one of our projects has found new life. Lauryl called me last week to offer to work with the Percy Palmer Lantern Slides, a collection featured in our current exhibit and that Lauryl thought was "fantastic". This week she is continuing a project I started when I first arrived in the Valley and, with the focus on the inventory project, had less and less time to work on. Moving this project forward would be impossible without her help. Thank you Lauryl!

We have a wall of projects - literally, a list on the wall - of all different sorts, and are open to new ideas.    From writing exhibit text, to capping sealings, and buying coffee mugs. The sky's the limit. Come and tell me your interests and we'll find something you'd like!