Thursday, June 30, 2011

Proposition 84

The California Department of Parks and Recreation Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program grant went out in the mail today. This was a 59-page grant with a request of $2.175 million. The grant is for the creation of "new parks." It just so happens that when the museum property was transferred in 1987 by Congressional Act 990, it was conveyed to be “reserved, maintained, and utilized for public park (including museum) and recreational purposes.”

The grant has taken almost the whole month of June. This included several public meetings, estimating the construction of a dozen recreational features, getting a willing seller agreement for the 48 acres behind the museum in the last 24 hours, and finding a consultant to draw a site plan with a two day turn around.

If you have attended any of the public meetings we certainly appreciate your time and your input. Several ideas that were generated in these meetings went directly into the grant. Grant recipients will be notified in six months.

From what I have gathered about 47 grants will be awarded. This will maybe be 10-20% of the applications. Not very good odds. But if it was a lottery everyone would buy a ticket.

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