Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mind Mapping

At the last Strategic Planning session, participants and board members worked on creating a mind map of the idea of "Museum." A mind map is a graphical representation of an idea. Two ideas from our mind map of a museum are very interesting. One is that the idea of a museum as a gathering place for social change can be an overarching goal of a museum. In fact, this is an idea at the center of the 21st century museum. This is one of the foundational principals of the National Museum of the American Indian.

The second idea is that one of the most important parts of a museum is the area of "Do Things." I think this is the area where the museum lives, within the yellow bar above. Doing things can be understood as creating Experiential Hands-on Connections. This is important, because I believe that Physical Participation=Knowledge. The mind map can be seen as just a fun exercise. But it can also be seen as an important planning tool.

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