Saturday, June 4, 2011

It is Really Exciting when People are in the Building

This week the BLM hosted another meeting at the museum to discuss a recent archaeological study that has just been completed. It is really exciting when people are in the building looking at artifacts and discussing big ideas. It feels like a real museum.

One person commented to me that the museum must be moving forward. This was the second time he had been in the building in as many months. The last time he was here was two years ago.

The archaeological company brought several of the artifacts that had been collected. They are still undergoing curation, so they were just on display for the day. It was great to see "stuff" in the building, though.

The best comment made all day was when someone said they hated the fact that that one particular artifact was labeled "core," given a number, and listed with its weight in grams.

"When this gets put away in a box, no one is ever going to see anything  but that tag, and that means nothing," she said. "But when I pick it up and hold it in my hand, it speaks to me, it is more than number."

This is exactly why I work in museums. And this idea is what I hope the museum can become: A museum filled with stuff that "speaks" to people.

Now that's a mission statement.    

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