Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day Two: Coil Clay Pots

By Martin Hitch

Yesterday marked day two of the Museum's coiled pottery program. Both of Wednesday's attendants retuned, along with their youngest brother and two friends. We were also joined by a second family of four. So with total of eleven people in the building we were quickly out of space at our one table. We improvised and by putting a sheet of drywall on one of the round tables...presto, we were back to work.

On Wednesday Donna had the idea of attempting to build the pottery around a balloon, with the hopes that it would help the coils keep their form. When she returned with her grandchildren today she brought balloons.

This idea proved much more difficult than we had anticipated. The balloons quickly turned into a game of "keep the balloon from hitting the ground" and only one pot was compleated using the balloon meathod.

Despite the falling apart of the first couple of attempts, all the the students, as well as a few of there mothers compleated pots, a few of which turned out exceptionaly well for a first attempt.

Not to mention the production of a miniature tea set and a few mishapen snakes along the way.

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