Thursday, July 9, 2015

Stucco Party: Volunteer Fun!

-by the Curator

When the mixer broke, all stucco had to be mixed by hand

Some chose to ignore the tools and dive right in
One of the projects our Artist-in-Residence has been working on this summer has been to finish stuccoing the Ocotillo Observatory.  It has proven challenging, and slow going.  To help get more done,  this Sunday a group of friends came out to the Museum to have a stucco party.  Even though the mixer broke early on and all the stucco had to be mixed by hand, everyone had a good time.  The competition to see who could become the best at stuccoing was matched only by the unintended competition of who would come away covered in the most stucco!  The Observatory is not entirely stuccoed yet- so another volunteer party may be coming soon

Lucas wins the competition for having the most stucco on him in this volunteer shelfie

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