Thursday, July 16, 2015

Campo Indian Education Center Field trip

-from the Curator

Staff member Frank Salazar, Campo, welcomes kids to museum
Yesterday we had over 30 kids ages 6-13 come out to the Museum on a field trip from the Campo Indian Education Center.  This was their first visit to the Museum and they were very excited to get to see everything.

Students explore topographic map 

The kids divided into two group. One group started the field trip with a tour of the Museum and the new exhibit.  They especially enjoyed our new topographic map projecting the history of water in the Valley, from the ocean to the filling and receding of Lake Cahuilla.
Students explore the Valley's History of Water

The second group started with our coiled clay program.  Both groups got the opportunity to do both activities. There was a lot of competition to make the best pot and plenty of kids got creative with decorations- including occasionally adding 'feet' to their bowls.
Creative bowl with carved designs and supporting 'feet'
Enjoying making clay bowls
They enjoyed exploring the museum, and we hope next time they come the weather will be cool enough that we can also go outside and explore the desert.  A great day for everyone!

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