Sunday, July 19, 2015

Name That Sheep!

-from the Curator

Our sheep statue is always a big hit with visitors.  Designed to be a photo op, he stands proud and photogenic (and carefully ignoring the mountain lion watching him!)  Our #shelfie (what else would you call a sheep selfie?) campaign remains popular. Plenty of people take their pictures with our sheep and many are kind enough to tag us on social media or email us their photos for us to post their #shelfie pictures on the Museum's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Family #shelfie
But our sheep still does not have a name! We thought someone would want to sponsor him and we'd give them the chance to name him.  But so far no sponsor, and no name. So we're starting contest for our social media friends: Name that Sheep!
From now through the end of August we'll be accepting name suggestions.  Email us, Facebook us, Tweet us, write it down at the museum- but let's #namethatsheep!

The only rules to the contest are the names must be male (he is a ram after all) and the Museum staff reserve the right to remove inappropriate names from the final contest.
Group #shelfie
The first week in September we'll compile all the suggestions and then put them up for a vote. Most popular name (determined by the number of likes on Facebook) wins and we'll change our hashtag to #(name)shelfie to be even more unique.

Spread the word- ask your friends, ask your neighbors- who is this sheep?

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