Thursday, May 9, 2013

PEO visit

The El Centro PEO group visited the IVDM as one of their bi-annual destination meetings. After the business meeting was over, staff entertained the group of 11 philanthropists with stories about the Curation process and our overwhelmingly successful programs. To demonstrate the curation process, we opened an unmarked box, which one of the attendees remembered as a private donation. Inside was an obsidian knife, two really excellent arrow straighteners, and a clovis point - one of the oldest types of projectile points that can date to 10,000 years ago. That was a surprise, as we told the group, you never know what your going to see while doing curation. 

After a long discussion about the direction of the museum and what it will take to get there, several PEO members left behind some generous donations. As we explained to the members, these donations will be used to start our new Endowment Campaign. We sincerely appreciate the PEO members for their interest in the museum and for their good company. It was a fun afternoon.

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