Saturday, May 11, 2013

Girl Scout Saturday

Today we hosted members of Girl Scout Troop 7106 at the museum.  They enjoyed exploring our “Gold Fever!” exhibit, since several girls are studying California’s Gold Rush in school.  When asked what they liked best in the exhibit they said it was hard to choose just one thing.  “I like the rocks and the house” one said, referring to our miner’s shack.  They enjoyed weighing dry goods (and their purses) on our scales and were amazed when they did the math on what the items would cost it 1849, and that it meant a 5 pound bag of flour would cost over $36 in 2013 dollars!

The main event for the day was making coiled clay pots.  A few of the girls had tried making pots at last year’s Children’s Fair and were eager to try it again.  While some were happy to make smaller ‘cereal bowls’ with beautiful designs, others wanted to work on making larger pots.  Everyone enjoyed a picnic lunch at our new picnic table and had a great Saturday!    

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