Sunday, May 25, 2014

Help Us Build a Lunar Observatory

"From the Artist in Residence"

If you ever stopped by the museum back in 2012 you might remember seeing a wall cascaded in large pictures in the back of the gallery. The photos depicted large-scale art installations in various places around the world. There was a pile of white circular stickers that you could take and put on your favorite one. As the year went on more and more pictures were added to the wall. More stickers were put on those pictures. If you do remember that you might have thought to yourself at one point or another within the last two years "Whatever happened with those pictures on the wall at the museum? Weren't we supposed to build something?"

Well if you do remember the pictures on the wall back in 2012, and if you have ever asked yourself a question pertaining to their whereabouts, you now have an answer! As of yesterday at 11:23am we have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to build what we are calling the Ocotillo Observatory: the much anticipated conclusion to the three-year-long effort to build a large scale inhabitable art installation on the museum grounds. Kicktarter is a website that helps crowd-source projects within a community. We started this project together, and we need your help to finish it.

To give to the campaign head over to and pledge any amount you want!

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