Saturday, May 17, 2014

Girl Scout Field Trip

Girl Scout Troop 7030 learns about coiled clay
Today we were joined by Girl Scout Troop 7030 out of Heber for a field trip.  Five girls and their mothers came out to learn a bit about the museum, see artifacts, and (of course!) do coiled clay.  These young students were all excited to come out and see what goes on here, and had a blast looking at artifacts, asking why things worked the way they do, and what rocks were best for what tools.


 They also got to spend time making pots, and tried to get creative braiding clay designs into their pots.  They all claimed they hadn't tried it before, but we think these girls, who all claimed science and math as their favorite subjects in school, are also naturals with ceramics!

Braided pot or birthday cake? Troop 7030 gets fancy with their pots

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