Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Multiple Projects to Accomplish

by Jessica Brody

In the hot August months we've noticed a considerable drop off in volunteer participation at the museum, but this week one of our projects has found new life. Lauryl called me last week to offer to work with the Percy Palmer Lantern Slides, a collection featured in our current exhibit and that Lauryl thought was "fantastic". This week she is continuing a project I started when I first arrived in the Valley and, with the focus on the inventory project, had less and less time to work on. Moving this project forward would be impossible without her help. Thank you Lauryl!

We have a wall of projects - literally, a list on the wall - of all different sorts, and are open to new ideas.    From writing exhibit text, to capping sealings, and buying coffee mugs. The sky's the limit. Come and tell me your interests and we'll find something you'd like!

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