Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thank you Jenica & Hands on Curation

Jenica, our archeology curator, has left the building and we wish her all the best as she moves on to start her graduate program at Arizona State University. With Jenica's help we were able to recurate over 6,100 artifacts in 6 months.  That is 1000 more artifacts than were recurated over the past two years. According to Jenica's Inventory Project Progress Report, if we maintain this rate of curation, we will finish the project in 2 years. 

Jenica enjoying the beautiful scenery after the monsoon rains  earlier this month.
Our goal is to train 2 more curation groups so we can keep up a steady rate of progress. We can half the project time with just one more group of 4-8 people committed to curating every other week. We curate every Wednesday through Saturday so please consider bring a group out to see what's new at the museum and lending a hand with the inventory project. Call Jessica at 845-702-3968 or email at 

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