Thursday, October 20, 2011

Strategic Plan: Part 1

At the recent Annual Membership Meeting the Museum launched the Strategic Plan that was developed through public input during May and June of this year. The plan includes four primary goals that the Board has approved as the direction to move forward toward developing an exhibit and opening the museum. The goals and objectives are not in any priority but all four must move forward in equal measure for the museum to be successful.

Strategic Goal: Active, Dynamic Programs and Exhibits

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: Install interactive, informative exhibits
ACTION PLAN: Develop first class, professionally designed exhibits

Interactive exhibits based on latest exhibit standards
Fund first-class, professional exhibit of $500,000-$750,000  

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: Active programming based on traditional craft production

ACTION PLAN: Hands-on coiled clay art pilot programing
Seminar on traditional crafts
Flint knapping program

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: Active, Interpreted Exterior Exhibits

ACTION PLAN: Develop indigenous desert plant gardens
Develop exterior desert trails
Develop exterior signage
Develop hands-on archaeology park  

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: Focus on Technology

ACTION PLAN: Technological focus in exhibits
Develop technology library/research center
Museum as a technological hub for local youth

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