Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gift Shop...Plus Gifts!

We have been working hard to finish the gift shop before the Annual Membership meeting on Saturday the 15th. This week the gift shop became a reality.

This is the first installation of something that is part of the plan for opening.

Thanks goes out to Chuck, Marty, Steve, and Jimmy. A lot of volunteer hours went into making this a reality. This included two trips to the Borders Bookstore in San Diego a few weeks ago; installing fixtures; ordering shop product.

Last week Jimmy spent two days wiring all the cabinets. We bolted the cabinets to the wall. Then Marty did the hardest job of cleaning all the cabinets. And that is the truth. It was the hardest job.

Natalie, one of the archaeological interns, had worked before in retail, so we drafted her to set up the newly arrived museum logo products. She did an amazing job folding t-shirts, which did not make her happy, but she came through by making a makeshift t-shirt folding board out of cardboard. I don't think the shop will ever look as good again.

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