Monday, July 18, 2011

Strategic Planning: Session Three

Planning session three specifically asked participants to think about the design of landscaping beds and volunteer opportunities in developing gardens and landscapes.

The first project was to draw a map of the museum on a large tablet and begin to think about how the planting beds could be developed. John Estevane provided information on the what would grow well given the sun conditions around the museum. 

There are five planting beds around the museum. Planting bed number one is very large and is visible from the parking lot but not accessible by a path. This bed would be a good place to plant large cactus. Planting beds 2 and 3 are next to the entrance and will be the most accessible. These beds should be planted with varieties of cactus that bloom or are colorful. Planting beds 4 and 5 receive morning sun and afternoon shade. These beds would be good for varieties of bushes and small trees that need shade.

The second activity was to list all the volunteer activities that would be possible in setting up planting beds and landscape features. There is a long list of things for volunteers to do, that is for sure:

  1. Planting the cactus and other plants
                    a. Have organizations bid on these beds; the highest bidder gets to volunteer
                    b. Have college classes plant beds
                    c. Boy Scouts troops could plant beds
                    d. Optimist Club could organize individual volunteers
                    e. Service hours for High School students
  1. A single volunteer or team could organize equipment
  2. All rocks in the planting beds need to be moved before planting
  3. Collect rocks and organize by size
  4. Reline trails and beds with rocks
  5. Collect plants from Energy Projects and replant them
  6. Propagate cactus

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