Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mission Statement

"The Imperial Valley Desert Museum preserves, interprets, and celebrates the desert through outstanding collections, research, and educational programs."

At the Board Meeting on July 7, the Board of Directors approved a mission statement for the Desert Museum. We have been working on the mission statement for some time, beginning with a presentation on the mission statements of benchmark institutions at the May 5 board meeting. It was decided early on that the mission statement should be inclusive of all the potential of the new museum. It was also clear that the idea that we are a "desert" museum and not just an "archaeology" museum was a primary focus.

The mission statement went through a series of options, mostly focusing on a couple specific words. "Outstanding" becoming a preferred focus of our operation.

In completing our Strategic Plan over the next few weeks, "outstanding" will be what we are trying to live up to.  

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