Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Olla Project begins

-from Anne C Morgan, Head Curator

Frank Salazar placing small olla in new, archival, box
Today we began an exciting new project.  Thanks to funds from a National Endowment for the Humanities Preservation Grant, we were able to buy archival supplies that will provide safer, more secure storage for many of the ceramics that are not currently on display in our Visible Storage exhibit.

Angelina Coble "This was so much fun!"
Cultural Collections and Program Manager, Frank J. Salazar III, a member of the Campo Kumeyaay Nation; Head Curator Anne Morgan; and Education staff Angelina Coble spent today building archival boxes, choosing ceramics that would fit the boxes, photographing them, updating their records in our PastPerfect database, and carefully placing them in the new boxes.  Archival, non-reactive foam padding placed inside the boxes will help to pad the ollas, meaning less jostling in the event of an earthquake.  Creating labels with photos on them means less handling of the artifacts, which means they are more secure.  And the ability of the boxes to stack means that storage will become easier, safer, and there will be more room for additional artifact boxes.

While it will take several weeks to complete, this project is a win-win for the museum and the artifacts entrusted in its care!

New boxes means more efficient, safer, storage!

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