Saturday, August 13, 2016

Summer and Water

-from the Head Curator

'Dig deeper' into Lake Cahuilla with the touchscreen
Though summer is a slow time in the Valley, visitors still come out to the museum.  Today we had a family of 7 so interested in the story of water in the Imperial Valley that they stayed for over an hour! They explored our topographic Lake Cahuilla map, including each of the 'dig deeper' images that can be pulled up to learn more about what life was like at different time periods around the lake. The drawing of the megaladon was the definite favorite for the kids!

They watched the entire 18 minute video Early History of Water in Imperial County by Brian McNeese and the Imperial Irrigation District. "I didn't know that!" was heard a lot!

Summer is a time to test out ideas and get feedback, and this family was nice enough to look at our Roadrunner test panels and tell us what they liked best.  Surprisingly, it was the scientific name: Geococcyx californianus!
Testing information panels to see what people like

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