Saturday, April 30, 2016

Member Engagement

-Education Coordinator

A few weeks ago we posted an advertisement for a presentation on the history of the Chinese migration in the Mexicali and Imperial Valleys, located in the Mexicali Archives. While the presentation is a little out of our normal scope, the presenter, Andrew Alverez, is one of our research interns, and we wanted to show our support in his work outside of the museum, as well as inside. His presentation was on Thursday, and we were thrilled to find that not only were we supporting his efforts, but a member was as well!

Joan lives in San Diego, but does work here in the Imperial Valley, and decided since she was in the area in Thursday, she would come and see Andrew present. She stopped in to say hello to us on her way back out to San Diego to tell us what a fantastic job he did. It is so thrilling for us to see our members engage with us about the different actives in our community, and to see them not only support us as a museum but our interns and students in their individual projects.

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