Friday, February 26, 2016

Exciting news from the County

-Anne C. Morgan, Head Curator

We wanted to share with everyone the latest press release- going out today! 

Admission in 2016 will remain free courtesy of the Imperial County Board of Supervisors. We hope you take a moment to contact your District Supervisor and thank them for their support of the Museum.


Supervisor Jack Terrazas, Education Coordinator Marcie Rodriguez, Curator Anne Morgan, Director Neal Hitch
Imperial County Supervisor Presents County Donation to Imperial Valley Desert Museum
-Rebecca Terrazas-Baxter

Today, Imperial County Supervisor Jack Terrazas visited the Imperial Valley Desert Museum (IVDM) to present the final installment of a total $125,000 donation for two County-sponsored exhibits, titled the Welcome and Visitors Service Area and the Power of Imperial County.
“It is wonderful to be able to be a part of an effort to preserve the history of our county,” stated Chairman Jack Terrazas, who represents District 2 including Ocotillo where the museum is located. “When Dr. Hitch presented the Board of Supervisors with the request for assistance, my colleagues and I were more than willing to assist in enhancing the museum for the benefit of the community. The museum is a wonderful educational resource for our local youth who are making more frequent field trips to the museum to learn more about the history of their county.”
On September 16, 2014, the Imperial County Board of Supervisors voted to fund two components of an overall redesign at the IVDM. The two exhibits are meant to provide museum visitor information and historical background on the natural transition of the landscape of Imperial County over the last 9 million years. Both exhibits are now complete and IVDM is currently working on the last phase of their three-phase renovation project. The two exhibits sponsored by the County of Imperial were part of the second phase of the overall redesign. The IVDM is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. 

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