Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Name that Sheep! Voting this week

-from the Curator

Our bighorn sheep statue is designed to be a photo op for museum visitors.  You won't get a bighorn to pose with you in the wild (and shouldn't even try) but our sheep will pose for you all day long. He's even got his own social media hashtag #shelfie.  But we need to make that more unique and a name will make that happen!

For the entire month of August you've been sending in suggestions for the Name That Sheep contest and now it's time. From September 1-5 we will have voting online and at the museum, then on September 6 we will announce the winning name!

Not all names that were suggested made it to the final round of voting. Why? Remember way back when we started, a few of the basic rules- the names had to be for a male sheep, but also needs to work for our hashtag- which will be: # NAMEshelfie.  So names that were too long, although often very fun, wouldn't work as well here.

Each name will be posted on Facebook, where you can vote simply by "liking" the name you choose. If you come into the museum and want to add your vote, we have the names at the front desk.  Sunday morning we'll add both online and in museum votes and declare the winning name!
Get your friends and family to join in voting and let's Name That Sheep!

Names for Voting:

Bam Bam

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