Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wilson Jr. High Art Fair

-from the Curator

Yesterday Wilson Jr. High sponsored the 7th Annual Art Festival for the El Centro Elementary School District.  Students showcased their talents in music, dance, painting, and sculpture for visitors to see.  The IVDM was again one of the groups invited to participate in the Festival and we enjoyed spending the afternoon with very talented and enthusiastic kids of all ages!

Learning to make a pot
Over 230 students came by our tables to participate in our coiled clay program. Sometimes we had as many as 20 kids at one time! Several remembered us from last year, or from field trips they'd been on earlier this year, and were eager to show off their clay skills to their friends and family.  Others were excited to dive in and give it a try.  Everyone had a great time! Thanks for inviting us again this year Wilson!

Face painting and clay- art of all kinds!

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