Monday, March 16, 2015

A Panoramic View- Volunteers building exhibits

-from the Curator

As we get closer to installing our permanent exhibit we are now developing the media and computer interactive portions. Currently, we are working on the "Land of Extremes" introductory touch screen 360 panoramic interactive.  It will be the primary interactive exhibit that showcases the beauty of the desert and highlights regional destinations for visitors.

It requires the development of a unique program that will run a touchscreen computer, projected onto a 9x12 LCD projection.  The program is being developed by GIGAmacro in Napa, CA.  The company founder is a technology innovator with a passion for developing scientific tools, exhibits, and educational programs that provide ways of exploring the world. He has been very hands-on with our project.

Setting up the Gigapan 360 to share an amazing view

To take the pictures we have to find a great location, set up the camera, and set up the Gigapan 360.  The Gigapan unit shoots the 360 automatically, taking up to 260 images to document a single location.  Staff has been trained to use it, and this week, while out on several hikes, volunteer Bill Pape also learned how to use the program.

Members of the private hiking club Jacumba Hikers, starting their adventure
This Saturday Bill and eight members of the private hiking group Jacumba Hikers hiked about 10 miles through Painted Gorge to Carrizo Peak- the highest point on the Coyote Mountains.  They carried the camera equipment up with them and took several panoramic shots for the exhibit.  It was a hot day, but they saw some beautiful scenery and are looking forward to sharing the view with museum visitors who couldn't make the climb!

Thanks guys for helping build our exhibit!

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