Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Coiled Clay Festivals (part 2)

This Saturday an Earth Day Fair was held at the 6th Street Community Garden in El Centro.  We were there with our coiled clay booth and were joined by 47 kids interested in making pots.  We recognized people from the Calexico fair a few weeks ago who wanted to work on their technique and make a new pot because they found such great use for the last one they made.  A lot of adults and high school students were as interested in making pots as their younger siblings and children.  They were interested in learning about the coiled clay method and some of the history behind it and we enjoyed sharing it with them.  Special thanks to our volunteer Tracie for coming out and helping us!

We have one more fair scheduled for the month of April. If you haven't made it to our booth before, or did and want to come back, look for us Saturday, April 26 from 10-4 at the El Centro Children's Fair! We'll have volunteers from the Kohl's Cares program helping us  and would love for you to stop by and say hi!

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