Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A letter from the Curator: Curation Phase One Completed!

Sharon and Christian curating the last items
included in Phase I of the Inventory Project.
Today we curated the last artifacts that finish what we are calling Phase One of the inventory and re-curation of the IVC collections. 

I am constantly amazed by the efforts that this community has made and continues to make to preserve these collections. I get the feeling that individuals who have worked on this project feel like they aren't doing very much - just helping out. I can tell you as an outsider, the Museum's story doesn't sound like one or two people who do a little. It's a whole community doing a lot. Reaching this moment in time has taken a steady stream of individuals who have passed the torch over the years. You are all a part of that. It is a personal honor to work for a community dedicated to accomplishing what they know is right, and who gets the job done. 

Today is a day worth celebrating.

Congratulations to the whole museum community who worked so hard to get here. You did it. 


Head Curator

Curation resumes August 17th.

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