Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kumeyaay College Classes

by Jessica Brody

Stan Rodriguez may be a familiar name to those interested in Kumeyaay culture. Maybe you've taken one of his classes - he always seems to be teaching. Stan graciously invited me to participate in his traditional tool making class through Kumeyaay College - Tool Time with Stan, he called it.

Every week will be a new adventure in traditional tools. Plans for the class range from building and fishing off tule boats to flinting obsidian tools. The first part of the class has been dedicated to constructing traditional houses on piece of land recently acquired as a preserve and addition to the Sycuan Reservation. The class seems to grow every week as more and more people hear stories about the work their friends are doing. With so many hands on board, it hardly seems like work.

See more classes available through Kumeyaay College on the website: http://www.kumeyaaycommunitycollege.com/

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