Saturday, March 23, 2013

Girl Scout Troop 7949

Today we had six members of Girl Scout Troop 7949 come out to the Museum to help us curate.  They were excited to learn about the behind the scenes aspect of the museum and were working to earn their Bronze badges.  Our wonderful board members and volunteers Rebecca and Steve Apple were on hand to provide an archaeologist's point of view and help explain many of the artifacts.  The girls labeled over 20 boxes of artifacts in just 2 hours.  Everyone found some great artifacts, including projectile points, a 19th century hairbrush, and 19th century ink pots.

The troop also got the chance to see our newest exhibit-in-progress, "Gold Fever" and were thrilled by the chance to check out our miner's shack before the big event opening Saturday, April 27.

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  1. Thank you so much for letting Troop 7949 participate in curating. They had a lot of fun and learned tons!