Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ceramic Clay Grant hosted at museum

Dr. Hitch shows a paddle from the Museum collection, used to smooth out coils 

On Wednesday we were thrilled to have a group of 10 students and 6 parents from the California Virtual Academies  join us at the Museum to participate in Celebrating Our Desert Art, a program funded by the Imperial Valley Community Foundation.
The students spent all day building up and then squishing back down their attempts to make a base. "Don't be afraid to start over," said Dr. Hitch, "No one ever makes a good pot the first time. The 4th pot is always much better."
The students spent the day working with the clay with the goal of making a base they were satisfied with. Next week after the clay has dried a bit, students will meet again, this time at the Virtual Academy's space in the Christ Community Church in El Centro, to add more coils to their base, hopefully ending up with a large and awesome final pot. Or at least a creative snail.

Adding coils to a pot base

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