Friday, September 28, 2012

Creating Cultural Dialogue through Film

Earlier this year the Imperial County Film Commissioner's Office brought the Sundance Institute's Film Forward Program to the Valley. We participated in a continuation of that program through a Google Hangout today. 

Last Saturday we screened "Somewhere Between" a film about several young woman who were adopted from China into American families and their struggle for identity. This morning, we joined participants from across the country and internationally to compare and discuss the reaction of our communities with each other and the film's director. The IVC students who participated here at the museum were very interested in the discussion about whether identity is found inside or out with the Arizona State University group, a group which included an adopted student who was born in China and who was willing to share her experiences. 

After the discussion digitally concluded, we screened the film a second time and the lively conversation continued into the afternoon. 

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