Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Exploring our Desert Culture Grant

The final report for the Exploring Our Desert Culture: Ceramic Art Program, a grant from the Imperial Valley Community Foundation Youth Grants Program, was written this week. The grant was to complete a coiled clay art pilot program. The outcomes listed in the grant included having 57 youth participate in coiled clay programs with the museum this year. This included the summer program in Ocotillo and working with one classroom at Southwest High School. The pilot program, however, has achieved outcomes far in excess of what was anticipated.

There were 433 documented participants in the coiled clay pilot program that the museum ran this past year. Of these, 243 were youth aged 14-22, the target audience of the grant. The museum anticipated that the program would be successful with high school art students. It was unexpected how well received the program was for younger children and adults. This is especially true for adults who participated with their children during the summer program in Ocotillo.

The Ceramic Art Youth Program at the Museum will begin again on Tuesday June 5th and will run every Tuesday and Friday until the end of August.

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