Friday, February 10, 2012

A Timely Visitor: Jay's student

by Jessica Brody

One of Jay Von Werlhof's former students, Gordy, stopped by the museum today. Those familiar with the museum's history will know that Dr. Von Werlhof was instrumental in championing the existence of a museum to keep the Imperial Valley College's archeology collections here in the Valley.

Gordy's visit couldn't have had more perfect timing since I'd just conserved a collection of field books earlier this week. I'm pretty sure the name "Gordy" had cropped up and I teased that I'd hoped it was one of the ones I hadn't made fun of!

Some of the field books - full of very specific details and photographs - offer invaluable information on the site locations, position of the original artifacts, and a first hand account of the artifacts as they were found and in what condition. Archeology has changed a lot in the last 30 years and having this type of information is invaluable to care for the collections today.

Less professional field books were....well, frankly: less helpful. And humorously so. Before Gordy returns for his next visit to the Museum I will check the field books and make sure I know which category he falls into...!

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