Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Grant Workshop Update

The grant workshop is going great. We have had 22 participants over the last 3 weeks working on various funding projects. At the half way mark, we are more than half way to our goal of preparing 9 grants by the end of the program. To date, we have submitted grants totalling $63,000.00.

Preparing so many projects in such a short time is a real team effort. One grant took 3 people to prepare! One individual wrote the work plan, another person composed the narrative of why the collections are so significant to the Imperial Valley, and another person prepared the budget.

While all this was going on, someone else was writing the text for second grant, which was then edited and submitted the next day.

We just finished up another grant at today's Wednesday session and started working on the 6th. Whew!

Still a bit to do, but we are making good progress!

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