Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Intern Program coming to a Close

This is the last week for Amy and Mark to be working at the museum.

They have been working for nine months out of the El Centro Bureau of Land Management offices through the Student Conservation Association. During the last couple of days they will be tying up loose ends with collections that have moved into permanent storage. They will be leaving the Imperial Valley on Friday. As interns, they have been the core of the Museum's re-curation program this year.They have re-curated over 2000 artifacts from three different collections. The main collection they have re-curated was the 1979-8, which came from where the museum is located today.

Through the El Centro BLM office, they also participated in desert restoration projects and field surveys.

This summer Amy will be participating in archaeological excavations in Pompeii. Mark will be working at the El Dorado National Forest as an archaeologist.

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